Living life fully

By Granny Eardley May 23, 2016

Well grands everything is finally moving forward in the right direction in regards to the new house being built. Your dad and mom and grandpa and I looked over the final plans and approved everything, so now they send it to the county to get the permit. Once they have the permit they will start the foundation. Then it should only take about 3-4 months. It will be so fun on Christmas morning not to have to drive to your house at 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning. We will already be there.

Eventually we will have a nice area in back with a hot tub to help our sore bones. And inside a great ER room for our art. I am so excited about that. We have about 4 or 5 windows in that room and plenty of space for all of us to create.

One of the areas of my life I am most proud is changing the cycle of abuse that had been in our family for generations. I made some mistakes but I was able to protect your daddy when he was little. I made the effort beginning in my pregnancy to learn new ways to discipline a child. The biggest thing I learned was discipline does not mean punishment. It is about education, not hurting. And young children should never experience bad touching. Children should only receive hugs and loving touch from their parents. Boundaries and personal space regarding our bodies is important. So please when the time comes you start having children, take the time to learn the best for your family.

I used to write poetry when I was young and I may begin again. Once my knees have been fixed and we can travel, I may not create quite as many pages, but I will have supplies with me and create some. I can’t seem to stop. Every day I just NEED to do this. Mostly just having fun getting messy and seeing what happens on the page. I highly encourage anyone who may be reading this to think about creating an ART JOURNAL. It is tons of fun!!!!!!


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