July 2016



By Granny Eardley July 9, 2016

Well grand kids this has been a different summer. We have not taken you out for the one day each week. First we had doc appts, then it got way to hot, then we went to Pendleton to do the final closing on gramma Barb’s house. We did take Sienna with us for her special trip and had some laughs with her. I miss those times with all of you. The photos above are of our front yard. See how beautiful having a natural landscape can be? Our yard was certified by the National Wildlife Federation as a backyard habitat about 20 years ago. Birds, bees, and butterflies love to visit our yard. So special.

There is another issue that is preventing me from taking you on a great adventure, and that is my knees have been getting worse. I know I need to have the surgery for the replacement but I want to lose about 50 lbs so the surgery will be more successful. I’m thinking after the first of next year would be a better time. We will be moved into the new house by then. Plus, since I need to have both knees done we thought it would be better on our budget to have both in the same year.

I also have been having a difficult time swearing lately. Mostly while I am in the car, but it still is not appropriate to swear around you. Grandpa came up with the idea of paying you each a dollar if I swear around you. That can add up fast but mostly I just don’t want you to remember me being a “potty mouth”. I really want to be better before we move in together so you don’t have to hear that much.

I have been ┬ábusy this summer learning how to paint. I have posted some paintings in previous blogs and wanted to share with you some of my additional paintings. I’m having lots of fun learning and I can see some improvement in the 6 months I have tried. I’m a little self conscious about posting so anyone can see, but I want to encourage any others to take a chance and create some art. It has been therapeutic for me and during this time of limited mobility I have needed somethin new to stimulate my brain. They are posted in order of most recent down to the earlier ones. Kinda backwards maybe but easier for me to add. Love you all and thanks for inspiring me.




This is another painting I did. My first one on canvas.

Im loving all the learning I’m doing and I hope I set an example that no matter the age we can all start something new in life.

Love you all