Where Does The Time Go

img_1471By Granny Eardley Dec. 4, 2016

Well, here we are again, another 2 months have gone by and barely a whisper from me. I started to write in here a couple of times and then became sidetracked. I think moving caused my brain to go a bit fuzzy. Actually, I think the last 2 months with everything happening caused my brain to go a bit numb.

We are all under one roof now. It is rather amazing when you stop to think about it. But it shouldn’t be. Other cultures often have different generations living together, but for some reason ours does not do that as often. I think house sharing is great for all the generations. Not just Grandpa and me as we become elderly down the road, but even for all of you. Your parents are still the main caregivers for you, but we are available to help if they get overwhelmed by their jobs or have too many duties. Gramps has taken two of you to school, will joke with you even if you don’t find it funny. I have  tried to cook a couple of meals to help out your mom. I know you like her cooking best, but you all have been very gracious eating what I fix.

It has been a bit sad for me to move from my house. We have lived in it for more than 22 years and created and nice landscape that was maturing and finally providing shade. And all the memories that come with staying at one place for so long. Many many of those memories include you when you were all so small. We have spent so much time with you we figure it won’t be too different living together. But I know it will. I still hope we play games, and keep on laughing as much as we have done in the past. I will miss those times if they don’t happen now.

Here is something funny about moving into the new house. As gramps and I continued to pack things up our house became disorganized and cluttered so I was doing my painting at the end of the kitchen table. Painting is messy and after a few weeks the table looked terrible. As the building of the new house progressed a couple of you mentioned to me that I could put my art supplies inside the closet of the multipurpose room. After your dad mentioned to me we could get a cabinet to store my things in I finally picked up on the fact you all had seen my table and was hoping I would not make the new house look like the table. When I asked if he was having those thoughts he said, “yep, that’s pretty much how it went down”. So I am saying now I will not leave it looking like my table. 😜😜

I purchased a strong cart with 3 shelves, and I’m pretty sure it won’t break. The supplies I use frequently like acrylic paint, mediums, and stencils, will be there.  I plan to store the other supplies in the closet and also store my mosaic tiles in our closet on a bookshelf. We are downsizing and getting rid of junk so I don’t want the new place to look cluttered. It will be fun to work on our art together now. And just hang out around you. Please know as the weeks and months go by we love you all very much and if we become a little irritating or strange just talk to us about it. Communication is the key. Love you. Oh and the picture above is my latest painting. Hope you like it.




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