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Front yard at Sunflower house in early summer

By Granny Eardley March 13, 2017

Oh grands what a beautiful spring we are having!! It should get up to 70 degrees tomorrow. I’m excited for the yard in our new home to begin looking like our Sunflower house (see above). There is a common area in the back of our property and many children and neighbors walking their dogs are out and about. I’m so enjoying having all of us live together. There haven’t been any issues and it’s great to see you in the morning and after you get home from school. Lately it seems like there are many accomplishments and recognitions you are receiving. I’m going to put them in this post, not to embarrass you, but to keep a memory for you later on down the road. What a wonderful creative family we have!!

Jaidyn, you have the honor of receiving the Presidential Scholarship and if you decide to attend the College of Idaho, you will receive a large amount in tuition for all four years. You also are one of the finalists for the Merit  Scholarship. You have worked very hard to keep your GPA up and stay busy with acts of service for others. Bless your heart, you don’t share these happenings with many because you stay humble. You deserve the recognition you receive and I as your granny can brag for you😊.

Caleb, you were inducted into the honor society last week. You also have the ability to use your mind and stay focused when doing your work. You enjoy playing the guitar, sax, and often play the piano, and this week you also started playing the flute. You seem to enjoy music and I enjoy hearing you play the music and sing.

Kelsee, my oh my,  a letter came for you this week saying you were going to receive a writing award. There were over 2000 students who submitted poetry for the event “Stories of Transformation” and your work will be published in a collection called “Our Gender Revolution”!! We are looking forward to seeing you being presented with your award. There will be a gathering at the Linen Building in April, and it should be fun and special to see all of the youth receive their awards. Plus, there is a little money included. How special is that?

Only 13 when she wrote this and yet able to put words together in a creative manner…..precious……by Kelsee Eardley I must say it gave me tears

Choices lead to change
She grew up
Knowing the cops
She grew up fearing her dad
She grew up with a family
Full of abuse
and anger

she could have carried on that life
like so many others,
chose to hurt
instead of heal
To harm
Instead of help

She had a son
she made a choice
She chose to change
she chose to love

a choice so simple
Yet so noble
the choice
That changed
my family

Sienna, you are the scientist in the family. I enjoy watching you use your mind and create tasty recipes. For being only 10 you like to make dishes completely homemade. And you like to use your creativity in changing recipes to see how to make them different.  Science and experiments make your brain kick into gear. Right now you enjoy making a variety of Slime, homemade with different ingredients. When you want me to open my mouth and taste something, I’m a little nervous about what new thing you have created.😍  You also love doing flips and back bends. I just want you to stay safe!!

I am so proud of all of you. Not a false pride, but a genuine feeling of gratitude seeing you make good choices and not repeat the choices I made as an adolescent. It’s hard to put into words to express these feelings adequately, but my heart just bursts for the love I have for all of you and your mom and dad included. I wish for you many more great moments in life. Realistically, I know there may be some struggles for you in the future. I only hope they are few.



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