February Thaw

By Granny Eardley..February 28, 2017

"Oxytocin Rising" 24 x24 acrylic/mixed media on canvas
“Oxytocin Rising”
24 x24 acrylic/mixed media on canvas

Wow grands, this has been one long winter! It snowed some in November, then it melted. The first week of December brought more snow, then during your Christmas break we had so much snow you were not even able to return to school for another week. Almost 3 weeks off for Christmas. Usually you would think this was great, but all of you became bored and looked forward to school starting again. It’s one thing to have time off when you are able to have fun, but there was so much snow we couldn’t even leave the house some days. Our street was covered with deep, deep snow until the city finally got out here to plow the roads. We could play games for a while and then we all needed a change.

Christmas was a little different due to Kelsee visiting relatives in Guam. She had a blast though so missing her was worth it. The best part about this Christmas was waking up and walking out of our room into the living room to watch you open your presents. When we still lived in our place, we would wake around 3:00 a. m. drive to your house. Being so close was much more convenient. And I know you all love convenience.

I’m still learning about painting. I love it so much and just feel the need to create. The blog from last time with the elephants was accepted by the Nampa Art Collective to be shown at the Nampa Civic Center. I submitted 5 and 3 were accepted. I was so surprised, and to think I almost called them to cancel my submissions because I was nervous about the rejection. See grands, when you get the chance to step outside your comfort zone take that chance!!! The painting above is my newest painting. It was in honor of all the young women and teens who allowed me to assist them during their pregnancies. I have submitted it to another juried show so we’ll see if it is accepted.

I know you don’t pay attention frequently to things I am doing, and I do repeat many of my stories as you like to point out. But I hope I’m also teaching you getting older is not so bad after all. We are always young enough to learn new things. And when we can find another passion later in life, grab a hold of that passion and live life to the fullest. Creating art heals my soul and heart. I feel alive after I have spent a few hours painting. Painting trees, shrubs, flowers, rivers and streams, and insects and animals…anything from the natural world inspires me. We need to protect our environment. It is important for you and your children’s children. The current political leaders want to reduce the EPA. They removed a law protecting waterways from pollution of dumping. I want my art to inspire many to act and protect. I hope you see it, enjoy it, and protect it. Love you grands!!!


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