September is here

My favorite time of year

By Granny Eardley Sept. 11,  2016

Well grandkids I realize again I have neglected my writing in this blog. I have been focused on painting and learning more about that medium. I am getting better each week. And I have started writing again in my personal journal. I think recent events have caused me to reflect more and I would like to keep this more current.

I have been reflecting also about us all living together. The house is getting closer to being finished and in the next couple of months that time will be here. I become a little apprehensive because we have always been so close and I don’t want anything to happen to make that change. The positive reflections I have include seeing you everyday. Seeing you in the mornings before you leave for school, seeing you when you come home from school, and just hanging out with you creating art, reading to you at night, and helping to fix some dinners. But then I also reflect on some negatives. When we say something we think is funny, and yet you don’t think it is so funny, I hope you will let both of us know if it bothers you.

I am also excited to continue to be around you and watch you grow and develop. I want to know who you are and what you think about life as you mature. I don’t only want to know you as a child. This election year has been so different and we have had some laughs about my opinions and thoughts. You know what I think about Mr. Trump. He is not worthy of leading this country. I worry about your future and the future of your children if you have any. But I then remember each generation often will have these same worries, and yet we figure it out.

Well Grands, I love you dearly stay safe


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