Artist Bio


As a clinical social worker Carolyn was able to attend trainings and workshops in art therapy. Her favorite workshop was facilitated by Gregg Furth who often collaborated with Elizabeth Kubler Ross, and also wrote “The Secret World Of Drawings”. She was motivated to use  art in her therapy with clients, and she witnessed the transformation and healing that can take place using art.

She became an observer of people and nature at an early age, and believes these observations guide her when she is painting. Her understanding of color in relation to the natural world came from the time spent in her gardens. For over 25 years she and her husband Lance created a wonderful natural landscape that was certified by the National Wildlife Federation as a backyard habitat.

Carolyn also learned about nature from spending many weekends camping with her dad as a child in the mountains of central Idaho. As an adult, backpacking in the Sawtooth Wilderness area also gave her an appreciation of the natural and wild landscape.

When Carolyn was confronted with a medical issue of her own, she decided to use a therapeutic art journal as a means to help her cope with her pain and process the changes in her life. Soon she was hooked on painting. She read books, watched videos, and painted every day. In a few months she went from a therapeutic art journal to a canvas.

As she improved she decided to take a risk and enter a few of her paintings in a juried art show.  To her surprise three paintings were accepted. They were shown at the local Civic Center in 2017. She tries to practice almost every day and remains curious about how the painting develops.

In October 2017 Carolyn wrote an article and had 4 of her paintings chosen, for the online site Healing Power Of Art and Artists. It was founded by the Director of Manhatten  Arts International, Renée Phillips. Here is a link to that article.