Our Front Yard Oasis


This is the front area of our yard. We decided we didn’t want to have grass, so we planted trees, shrubs, and flowers instead. Living in a desert in the west makes it important to conserve water. This type of landscape uses much less water than traditional landscapes of grass. Wouldn’t you enjoy sitting in the patio area to the left and having a cup of tea?


The little tree on the left is a Redbud I started from a seed 10 years ago. Shows a little bit of optimism on my part, don’t you think? It’s one of my babies.  Most of our plantings are native or drought tolerant since we are living in the desert. The Redbud is not native nor drought tolerant, but we planted it close to the house so I can give it an extra drink when needed. My goal was to provide some shade for the patio, and I think this next year we will finally have some shade. This is my favorite place to sit in the early mornings during warmer weather. Sipping my tea, and watching the wildlife, gives me a “peaceful easy feeling”. I love The Eagles  (both the birds and the group)😍😍. The hummingbirds love the Agustache I planted, and are not too afraid of me now. The plants look a little wilted in this picture because winter has almost arrived. I often don’t prune things back until Spring.

National Wildlife Federation    www.nwf.org

Oh, and I forgot to tell you, our yard has been certified by the National Wildlife Federation  as a “Backyard Habitat”. We have tons of birds, bees, and butterflies. This year the quail seem to have taken over the backyard. One day we counted 32 wandering around. You would get a kick out of the little babies in the spring. You can get your yard certified too. It’s so easy to get the certification. Go to their website.


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